Scale Vocabulary

Obviously, if you are reading and studying this page you understand the importance of developing a working knowledge of scales. When we are music students you are curious about music. A good deal of that curiosity is satisfied through the study of scales. Since there are hundreds of scales in our musical traditions, the next logical question is; What scales?

All serious guitar students at one point or another come across or acquire an encyclopedic book like Slonimskys' Thesaurus Of Scale And Melodic Patterns or the Grimore series or something similar. Although these books are wonderful to own they are very daunting. When a student asks me what scales and modes of those scale to study I have found the perfect answer: apart from the obvious necessary scales play the ones you like. This refocuses a student and shifts the lesson, and the ensuing practice back to the real issue, creating the real and interesting music you want to create. If you were to take out your thick book of scales and modes and simply begin to memorize all the scale patterns you could would that really make you a better player. I think your time is much better spent learning the scales you like to hear and then figuring out what kind of music you can make with the scales. It goes without saying but we, as guitarists, really should be listening very closely to everything we play.

Major Scale

Natural Minor Scale

Major Pentatonic

Minor Pentatonic

Major Blues Scale

Minor Blues Scale

Essential Scales

For most people playing and studying the modern guitar, the six scales suggested to the left constitute the essential starting point for a working scale vocabulary. Your copy of THE ULTIMATE GUITAR POSTER has these illustrated with their root notes on both string 6 and 5. My industry standard text, Guitar Scale Guru has a complete fret board study of the essential scales.

The Sound Of Music

The quality of a scale or chord is the general overall sound it makes. It is of course, possible to pair or match a scale with a chord. Such as matching (playing) a C major scale against a C major chord. Or better yet, to create a melody comprised of the notes in the C major scale to be sounded against that C major chord. Because the C major chord is derived from the C major scale, any melody you create using the C major scale will assume the quality of the scale. As you study the animation to the right, the 3 concepts you should take from it are:

The sound of the C major scale can be defined or summarized by the C major chord.

The sound of the C major chord can be defined or summarized by the C major scale.

Melodies using notes belonging to the C major scale are infused with the sound qualities inherent in the scale.

Whole Tone Scales

As I said earlier, there are hundreds of scales and modes in our western system of music. The ones to learn are the ones that are favored in the styles you play, and the ones you like. I am sure you will like the whole tone scale. The quality of the scale is one that implies a lack of tonality. Most people think it has a lifting effect, or causing a sensation of expectancy in the ear of your listener. The formulas is an easy one: all the notes in the scale are separated by one whole step. The chord sound which best describes the whole tone scale is the augmented or augmented 7th chord sound. For purposes of explanation I am going to use a simplified (but still useful) version of the whole tone scale in the following animation. For professional extended fingerings consult your copy of THE ULTIMATE GUITAR POSTER.


Listen to and play the exercise above several times. What are the words, styles or perhaps even specific songs that pop into your head? As I said before, the whole tone scale is often associated with a lifting sensation in the ear of the listener and a way to raise the listeners sense of expectancy. The only limit to any scale, sound or musical device is your imagination. One good way to cultivate your creativity and imagination is to associate words with the sounds you are learning.

As you progress to the musical examples notice how just a few notes or small pieces of the scales are used to create the desired effect. The mistake we all make when learning new scales is to recite them from beginning to end when trying to use the scale in a musical situation. This is like trying to have a conversation with someone by reading words one after another out of the dictionary.


It Isn't Just For Jazz

Most commonly, the whole tone scale is associated with jazz music. To be more specific, with dominant 7th chord types. That's because the contains 2 very sweet chord tones, the 3rd (E) and the 9th or 2nd (D). In addition it contains 3 very cool sounding altered notes F# (a flat 5) G# (a sharp 5) and the all important flat 7th or Bb. If you want to play convincing jazz you must be able to play all sorts of interesting and hot stuff over dominant 7th chord types.


It's a mistake to think that the whole tone scale is only reserved for jazz players. Just below, listen to and learn a simple whole tone lick to be used for a blues intro.


Below the whole tone scale is used to create an introduction to a pop song. This example was written in same style as Stevie Wonder's classic You Are The Sunshine Of My Life.

Diminished Scales

For educational purposes we're going to use a useful, simplified version of the diminished in the following animation. For professional extended fingerings consult your copy of THE ULTIMATE GUITAR POSTER. The chord sound which best describes the diminished scale is the diminished or diminished 7th chord sound. The chord sound which best describes the diminished chord is the diminished or diminished chord.

Mr. Inside And Mr. Outside

Once again, listen to and play the diminished scale exercise and used descriptive adjectives to solidify your comprehension of the diminished sound. Many people describe the diminished sound as being tense, outside or implying a temporary destabilization of the key or a lack of tonality. When a lock or a scale sound cool in a weird sort of way because many of the notes in that lick or scale are not locates inside the chords spelling or in scale of the key you're playing in, its called playing outside or referred to as an outside sound. It's controlled disonance.Of course, playing notes drawn directly from the chord or key in which your soloing produces that nice inside sound. The one that is consonant and harmonious.

Diminished Returns

There are actually two diminished scales with a root note of C. They are called the 1/2 - whole and the whole - 1/2. These names are derived from their respective formulas as they appear below. The diminished scales are also referred to as symmetrical diminished scales because their formulas are a repetitive series of 1/2 steps and whole steps.

  • The whole - 1/2 diminished scale is used with a diminished chord.
  • The 1/2 - whole diminished scale is used with a dominant chord
1/2 - whole
whole - 1/2


Jazz musicians are know for their command of scales and scale sounds. The whole - 1/2 diminished scale is a favorite choice to add color and interest to dominant seventh chords. The example below uses the whole - 1/2 diminished scale with a root note of C to add interest and tension which is resolved by arriving on a chord tone when the progression changes to the new chord, F 7.

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